• The Vision

    To educate and train Air Officers to provide them with the knowledge, attitude and skills, required by necessities of professional military service and 21st century air and space power, and to become an Air Force Academy which competes with its contemporaries with its capacity of graduate education both regionally and globally.

    The Mission

    The mission of TurAFA is to educate and train modern air officers who compete with their contemporaries; who have attributes which an officer must have as specified in rules and regulations of Turkish Armed Forces; who carry out their duty in accordance with Constitution of Turkish Republic which is inspired by Principles of Atatürk; who have completed their graduate education in the fields that (electronics, computer, industry, aviation and space) Turkish Air Force needs; who have gained skills of teaching and training along with required leadership skills; who have high character and personality; who are prospective and have general military knowledge; who are qualified enough in terms of technical and physical requirements of their occupation; who have their undergraduate degrees set by Turkish Air Force; who have gained attitudes required to accomplish further missions in their careers; and achieve those aims via education and training in military, academic, affective and physical domains improving and maintaining facilities and supporting activities required for education and training.