• Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace Engineering is one of the five departments acting affiliated to the Dean of the Faculty of Turkish Air Force Academy which brings your flying dreams to reality. The main purpose of the department is to educate cadets who have the basic knowledge of aerospace science and technology..

    Aerospace Engineering, explains how the things heavier than air fly in the sky; and search different aspects of aerospace structures including the design, improvement and manufacturing of aerospace vehicles and services related to them. Analytical, numerical, and experimental research methods are employed in this engineering science. Basic physics and mathematics within theoretical frame, computer hardware and software in numerical studies, and wind tunnel and flight tests within the experimental scope are the main tools in aerospace engineering education process. Some basic courses given in the Department are as follows: Aerodynamics, Propulsion in Space, Aerospace Structures, Flight Mechanics, Stability and Control and Aircraft Design.

    Aerospace Engineering has been offering a four-year undergraduate education since 1974. Since that time, continuous improvement and development have been in progress. Covering this scope, taking the needs of the Air Force Command into consideration, Aerospace Engineering Department is working on its own part of the mission to train the future pilots by means of its continuously improving and developing academic staff, up-to-date laboratories, supportive course documents and its curriculum equivalent to similar departments in other universities.

    Lab facilities in Aerospace Engineering Department

    There are three labs in Aerospace Engineering Department. These are Aircraft Components Lab, Aerodynamics Lab, and Material and Manufacturing Lab. In Aircraft Components Lab, there are two jet engines, one iron bird of an F-4E fighter aircraft, and some jet engine parts. The engines are J79 which belongs to F-4E A/C and J85 which belongs to F-5 A/C. The lab also facilitates some course studies such as Introduction to Aerospace Science, Flight Mechanics, Propulsion Systems and Materials Science.

    In Aerodynamics Lab, there are subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels. In addition to these basic wind tunnels, the lab has different experimental setup and measurement equipment such as hot wire anemometer, laser Doppler, smoke generator, and heat pump.

    The main purpose of Material and Manufacturing Lab is to design and manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles. For this purpose, there are hot-wire foam cutting machine, laser cutting machine, different type of lathes, milling, drilling machines and other tools. In addition to manufacturing tools, there are also some measurement equipment such as microscope, weight scales, and thermometers. The lab also facilitates some course studies such as Introduction to Aerospace Science, Propulsion Systems, and Materials Science.