• Applied Science

    The aim of the department is to prepare cadets to follow technical lessons and to furnish them with the main data, knowledge and components of the field to master throughout their education. In addition, one of the primary goals of the department is to facilitate cadets’ abstract thinking and apply their abstract ideas to concrete ones while establishing the basic technical fundamentals.

    Within this structure the duties of the department are to carry out academic lessons; assess and evaluate cadets’ learning procedure; prepare science laboratories for use; get in touch with the lecturers and their universities; and educate and train the lecturers for the field.

    The Turkish Air Force Academy cadets make use of the background knowledge they have acquired in the department while performing their duties both inside and outside the country. Thanks to the lessons given by the department of the Applied Sciences, they can improve the ability of thinking critically and scientifically. Besides, theoretical information is reinforced in their fresh minds through various laboratory applications.

    Laboratory Opportunities

    Cadets educated in the Applied Sciences Department attend two hours of lab sessions of Physics. Freshman cadets receive the lessons in the spring term and the sophomore in the fall term. The lab is basically used for the experiments conducted in Physics-I and Physics-II courses. Ten mechanical experiments are carried out in Physics-I and the Physics-II contains ten magnetic and electrical experiments. For this purpose, there are measurement gadgets, experiment settings and ten computers in the laboratory. All the experiments are supported by simulations.