• Foreign Languages

    At the Turkish Air Force Academy English language teaching program is carried out by the Department of Foreign Languages. Department of Foreign Languages aims to provide the students with essential language skills in order to compete with their contemporaries and cultivate their academic and professional knowledge; to lead them to make the right decision in difficult situations by combining their gains obtained in this way using analytical thinking system.

    The Department of Foreign Languages believes the prospective officers and pilots should be given the opportunity to develop their world knowledge through the use of content based and thematic approach, which requires to study with the authentic materials. To achieve this, authentic materials are developed and revised by the department teachers. The Department of Foreign Languages regards language a tool for communication in every situation, therefore, in order to help students realize their potential in communication, student-centered teaching methods are applied in the classroom environment. Students are also provided with rich materials, tools, computer and multi-media facilities, study hours, services on the Internet to increase their language awareness and promote their motivation to learn.

    At the Turkish Air Force Academy, English language teaching program is carried out in accordance with the level of the students, which is set via proficiency exams applied after their acceptance. During the academic year, students’ acquisition of language skills is evaluated through skill-based achievement tests and performance assignments which play an important role in the advancement from one level to another.