• Industrial Engineering

    Industrial Engineering is an engineering discipline which introduces several scientific methods towards the design and management of complex production systems and aims to resolve encountered problems through introducing systems thinking, creative-critical thinking, team work and leadership concepts; providing a basis of knowledge and research needed for the scientific development. For this purpose, it develops and implements various methods to make the production systems of goods and services work efficiently and effectively by integrating its engineering infrastructure with the systems thinking. Industrial Engineering examines and deals not only with the physical side of a system but also with dimensions such as organization, planning, material information flow, human-machine interaction and quality assurance. The success of the missions performed by the Turkish Air Force relies heavily on the human-machine (pilot-aircraft) interaction. Therefore, following a theoretical introduction, in courses such as Simulation and Operations Research, military applications are also emphasized regarding both the operational and the functional aspects of air operations in the engineering curriculum.

    Industrial Engineering undergraduate program has been put into practice as a four-year undergraduate program at TURAFA since 1991. The second lieutenant graduates of the Department of Industrial Engineering in the Turkish Air Force Academy are commissioned in different occupational corps according to the Air Force needs with the purpose of using their knowledge of engineering analysis and design methods with mathematics, computer science and natural sciences in order to establish efficient systems in every unit of the Turkish Air Force and even in the Turkish Armed Forces.

    The officers graduated from the Industrial Engineering program, upon their request, have opportunities to study at one of the national/international graduate education programs in the research areas required for the Air Force.

    Laboratory Facilities in the Department of Industrial Engineering:

    The Industrial Engineering Applications Laboratory (IEAL), which involves three modules named Modeling and Simulation (MOD-SIM), Optimization and Quality Control and Statistical Analysis, serves in the Department of Industrial Engineering for applications in the system design, modeling and analysis. IEAL is occupied for courses such as Operations Research I-II-III, Systems Simulation, Work Study and Ergonomics, Probability and Statistics, Introduction to Industrial Engineering, Production Planning and Control, Facility Design and Planning with Planning for Engineers. Moreover, software and hardware equipments in the IEAL provides opportunities for student implementation for projects in their research areas, the analysis and assessment of the weapon systems and technology/concepts considered significant by the Turkish Air Force, the Science Fest, graduation projects and MODSIM applications.

    Turkish Air Force Academy uses Simio simulation software under a grant from Simio LLC (www.simio.com).