• Military and Social Sciences

    The mission of the Department of Military and Social Sciences is to plan and conduct the education of cadets in the field of military and social sciences in order to meet the objectives set out in the applicable laws, regulations and directives regarding the Air Force Academy.

    The Department of Military and Social Sciences mainly conducts its mission by its own military instructors and/or professors augmented by other military professionals and distinguished professors from the universities in Istanbul.

    With the educational process designed in the Air Force Academy, it is aimed to train officers who
    • have the required character traits, moral and core values, notions as an officer in general and as an airman in particular • know the history and evolution of the air power and Turkish Aviation, the basic doctrines, theories, tenets, functions and missions of the Turkish Air Force, along with the modern application of the air and space power • adopt aviation as a way of life ,is equipped with knowledge of aviation and flight and is motivated to fly • gain Command and Control abilities with improved management and leadership skills • comprehend and promote the ideals and thoughts of Ataturk, and his philosophy, namely “Kemalism” • master Turkish Language in every aspect ;learn and understand the basics, principles and theories of international relations, security strategies, geopolitics, world political history, history of war, social and legal issues and utilize this knowledge throughout his/her career in the Air Force • are Kemalists devoted to our Republic .

    The Department of Military and Social Sciences also conducts many conferences throughout the academic year given by the distinguished speakers and experts from many different areas for cadets in order to broaden their knowledge and help them improve their social, cultural, academic or professional skills and gain perspectives.

    The Department also conducts Turkish language courses for the international cadets from many different countries who attend either the Air Force or Naval Colleges.