• Orientation Training

    The training that is applied all through the academic year is classified as Mechanic Marksmanship and Rifle Practice, Military Culture, Protocol and Manners. The courses that are tailored for all the freshmen in the Academy aims to equip cadets with the exquisite characteristic and distinctive features of an Air Force officer, moreover, to provide and flourish the very basic military notion and skills of cadets on these subjects. Having taking the oath, cadets are given these courses for four academic years by the Cadet Wing Command.

    Freshmen: Basic rifle training, unit military training, alarm and NBC instruction, survival training in combat, close combat, hurdle track, assault track applications are carried out.

    Sophomore: Basic rifle training, unit military training, hurdle track, close combat, assault track, applications and earthquake emergency lessons are carried out.

    Junior: Duty and patrol services, gun rights and self defense, close combat, assault track, rifle training, security search and vehicle & building searches training and hurdle track lessons are carried out.

    Senior: Assault track, hurdle track, safety training, close combat, ceremonial procedures and applications, intelligence and counterespionage lessons are carried out.

    The purpose of the military training courses provided through the entire education process is to inoculate the discipline and spirit of a soldier in cadets and to have them understand and gain the notion leadership and to have them behave as a team commander when needed, to acquire moral qualities every soldier must possess, to achieve physical efficiency, endurance, initiative and to build up the spirit of a warrior.