• Military Training Camp

    Turkish Air Force Academy cadets attend a training camp for 6 weeks during the months of July and August at Yalova Airport Command. Cadets get accustomed to the difficulties of aviation, camping and land conditions through the training in the camp. They practice the theoretical information they receive in the academic year and meanwhile have the chance to put it in practice. Cadets learn the skill of managing and directing as team commanders and therefore developing themselves as leaders, trainers and future pilots baring tactical and technical knowledge aviation requires. In the camp, they also learn the basics of military training; maximizing their understanding of discipline via strong discipline training. By elevating the level of their mental and physical skills, they develop vitally important features that a pilot must possess such as right and correct decision making, reflexes, elasticity, agility, and stamina. They are trained as determined fighters for any condition and situation. They are given Infantry Training, Security Training, Hand to Hand Combat, Military Culture, Individual Development, Escape, and Rescue & Survival Trainings. Furthermore, cadets learn to carry out the mission and survive at night conditions through Night Training and Maneuvers. They learn the importance of duty service and the physiological features of it. Cadets practice shooting to improve their abilities in marksmanship. With the help of numerous maneuvers carried out along the camp, they experience the conditions of a battle and put their knowledge into practice for different and harsh circumstances. They reinforce their training with parachutes by parasailing. They receive glider training and driver’s license following special driving lessons along the camp. In addition, they learn about the units, headquarters, associations and air bases of the Turkish Air Force via scheduled trips at various times.