• Physical Education Training

    At the Turkish Air Force Academy, cadets trained to become jet pilots and are prepared both physically and psychologically for demanding situations that they will face. The aims of the PED are
    • to get cadets enjoy doing sports
    • to contribute to the physical development of cadets
    • to ensure cadets consider sports as a way of life and involve in sports for their whole life-time
    • to teach cadets the sports techniques needed to do sports by themselves.

    Sports Activities

    During the whole education period, all of the sports activities, physical fitness tests, sports trainings, intramural sports activities are planned and held by the PE Department.

    a.Adaptation Phase Sports Activities

    The candidates, who are successful at the selection phase, receive a 6-week adaptation course. In this period, the candidates do sports twice every day, in the morning and in the afternoon. They do some calisthenics, cross-country, endurance and strength trainings. These workouts are done to increase the fitness of the candidates.

    b.Physical Training Classes

    With the help of the physical training classes, cadets are prepared against the g-force they will be exposed to during piloting. Moreover, they are informed about the necessity to do sports as officers. The main aim of PE classes is to teach cadets how to prepare their sports programs depending on their needs.

    Doing sports is a must for all of cadets during their education period. A wide selection of sports activities are applied to all cadets so that they have a healthy and good-looking fit body shape.

    In the classes, weight training methods, track and field events and strength trainings are mostly taught. Besides, different sports such as tennis, basketball, soccer, shooting and volleyball are in the scope of the PE classes. By this way, cadets are taught how to do sports after graduation by themselves.

    In each term, cadets are evaluated by two tests: one consists of 2400 meter run and push-up, the other one consists of pull-ups, sit-ups and 2400 meter run. In case of any failure in these, cadets are to take an extra makeup test at the end of the academic year. If they achieve the test, they pass their class, otherwise they fail.

    Military Training Camp Period

    Every summer, all cadets attend a summer camp in which they practice military training and sports training as well as parasailing, shooting and gliding. In the morning and afternoon periods of the day, they participate in sports activities under the supervision of experienced physical training instructors. Surely, the principle aim here is to contribute to the physical and social development of all cadets and have them prepared for the following academic year.

    Sporting Events

    The Turkish Air Force Academy attends International (CISM-EUAFA), National and Intra Military Academies sports events. One out of every five cadets is a sportsman and represents the Turkish Air Force Academy both abroad and in the country. CISM (Conseil International du Sport Militaire) and EUAFA (European Air Force Academies) sports events are held each year and the relevant teams attend the events..

    The sports branches in the Turkish Air Force Academy are:


    Track Field




    Aeronautical Pentathlon


    Cross Country


    Table Tennis






    Some of the successes gained at the sporting events are as follows:

    * Winner of the Inter Universities Fencing Championship (2006)

    * Winner of the Turkish Fencing Federation Championship (2006)

    * 2nd Place at the CISM World Fencing Championship (2006)

    * Winner of the CISM Aeronautical Pentathlon World Championship (2004)

    * Winner of the EUAFA Aeronautical Pentathlon Championship (2001-2006)

    * Winner of the EUAFA Basketball Championship (2003)

    * Winner of the EUAFA Volleyball Championship (2004 and 2007)

    Sports Facilities

    In the Turkish Air Force Academy, there are 1 competition hall, 4 training halls, 3 weight training centers, 1 natural and 1 artificial soccer fields, track and field course, pentathlon course, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts. The cadets may use any of the facilities in their leisure times.