• Flight Training

    During their education period, cadets of the Air Force Academy receive Applied Flight Training besides their academic and military lessons. With the help of this training, cadets improve their knowledge and skills about aviation.

    Flight Training, which is planned and controlled by the Wing Command, is conducted under the supervision of the 5th Squadron Command and executed via highly experienced instructor pilots who have served in different bases of the Turkish Air Force for many years

    While acquiring the principles and dynamics of basic flight within the content of the flight training, cadets enhance their knowledge in real flying conditions by T- 41D planes of the 5th Squadron and they increase their skill levels intended for piloting training.

    Cadets accomplish their flight training as they successfully complete 2 sorties in their 1st year, 2 sorties in their 2nd year, 3 sorties in their 3rd, and 4 sorties in their 4th year of the Academy..

    Cadets in all grades are initially subjected to take the Routine and Emergency procedures exam. Upon succeeding in these exams, they may start their actual flight trainings.

    In parallel to the recurrent flight training in every academic year, under the scope of ground training, cadets are given courses of meteorology, flight physiology, radio communication, the GPS, flight planning, cartography and they are given presentations and briefings about Turkish Air Force Flight Bases. The Air Force Academy cadets are given T-41D courses and glider courses by the flight instructors from Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) as well. Upon completion of the glider training, all successful cadets are issued an “A Class Glider Certificate” and the badge.