Ethical Leadership on the Digital Age

On the digital age when the change continues with a dizzying speed, the leaders of the future are expected to pursue this change and save a place to the innovations required by the age in their practices. But for the sake of catching up with the age and beyond, while utilizing all the utilities of digital age, it is a requirement of the people management-focused leadership not to make concessions to the ethical values.

In this conference generally, of the conference the issues that will be raised are, relationship between ethical values and leadership; a digital-age-product; new generation's perspective on ethical principles; changes of these principles in a swiftly changing world; specialties which modern leaders who toned in digital age should carry; and how these leaders should be educated will be discussed.

1. The Importance of Decision Making for Leader in a Changing Strategic Area

One of the most important skills a leader must have is making the right decision in uncertain conditions at a strategic level by evaluating the changing conditions. This session will focus on the importance of decision making at the strategic level in the international environment; the effects of commitment to ethical principles and lawfulness in the decisions of leaders who direct masses, and the required principles for leaders to manage the decision-making process effectively.

2. The Evaluation of Leadership in the High-Tech Aviation World

Progressed technology possession is the greatest fact of deterrence. In order to sustain the peace and security, this could even be regarded as an obligation. And it is a known fact that the dominant user of technology in the military sphere is Air Forces. In this session, firstly, accurate, effective and ethical aeronautical implementations will be evaluated within aviation and leadership. Secondly, airman leaders’ expected qualifications and impact of aviation on leadership will be considered..

3.The Impact of Adherence to the Ethical Principals in the Emerging Media Activities on Leadership and Communication

It’s obvious that the media is a very effective tool for manipulating and directing masses. Especially, the development of social media, way faster than predicted, shows how important the media and public opinion is on the decisions which leaders make. This session will focus on three themes: the importance of media for leaders, the effect of media on managing masses and the effect of commitment to ethical principles on the decisions of leaders to public opinion themes.


International Leadership Symposium which is organized by Turkish Air Force Academy will host qualified CEO's, academicians and researchers.

Gen. James L. JONES

After various tasks at the United States Army he has become United States Marine Corps Commander. After that he served as commander, United States European Command and Supreme Allied Commander Europe. He has served as national security advisor at NATO’s military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. After his retirement he was appointed by United States Secretary of State as special envoy for Middle East security. From 2009 to 2010 he served as National Security Advisor of President Barack Obama. Now he is the chief of Scowcroft International Security Center.

Gen. Roger A. BRADY

After various flight and other tasks he worked at logistic and operation fields. After he became Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower and Personnel. He last served as the 33rd Commander, United States Air Forces in Europe which he also concurrently served as Commander NATO Allied Air Command, Ramstein and Director Joint Air Power Competence Center, Kalkar Germany. He retired from Air Force on February 1, 2011 .

Mr. James M. FREE

He has been taking roles of various management tasks since 1999. He is recently the manager of Glenn Research Center. In this center, research and development tasks of NASA are carried out. He is responsible for New Generation Manned Spaceship, space flight systems, international space station and Orion Project. He has been awarded with NASA outstanding Leadership Medal and NASA Significant Achievement Medal.


He is the DEAN of the Italian Air Force Academy. In his flying carrer he was a Tornado and B707 Navigator in the Italian Air Force and a B707Awacs Navigator in the NATO E3A Component, Geilenkirchen Germany. In the ITAF Academy, while directing the Study Branches and dealing with the University of Naples, he and his staff create innovative formation module for cadets in the area of Leadership such as the ESDC European Common Module "Leadership & Agility in Complex Environments".


He is academician at the German Air Force Academy. Being a Tornado pilot in the German Air Forces, he has attended to many courses and tasks such as Gen. Staff Course, AirSouth and Unit Commander Officer School. He has a novel study named Innovative Leadership Model and is being invited to various international symposiums to present about the Model.

Mr. Fazıl ORAL

He graduated from Turkish Military Academy and went on his Professional career at McDonald’s Corporation as purchasing deputy manager. He gave conferences in various universities around the world on leadership, management skills and management of negotiation. He has attended and received training to conferences in London, Prague, Nice, Lisbon, Atlanta, Boston, Texas, San Diego and New York.


She is the manager of Çelebi Air Service. She has been chosen the woman entrepreneur of the year by the Economist Magazine in 2009, the entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young, the businesswoman of the year by EGSIAD and the business woman of the year by Dünya Newspaper.

Mr. Alphan MANAS

He is the chairman of the executive board of Brightewell Holdings. He has been the manager of World Future Society and columnist of Forbes and Businessweek magazines. He is also known as inventor as a result of tens of patents on technology and innovation. He has established partnerships with 30 different companies as an “innovative entrepreneur” in more than 10 different sectors.

Prof. Mircea BOSCOIANU

He graduated the Faculty of Integrated Systems of Armament, Department of Aerospace Engineering in the Military Technical Academy of Bucharest and the Faculty of Cybernetics in the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest.Mircea Boscoianu has an interesting experience in national projects and programs as general manager and many projects as scientifical and economical manager.

Mr. Coşkun ARAL

Since 1980s Aral has taken photographs on wars and incidents in Lebanon, Ireland, Poland, Chad and in the Middle Eastern countries under the name of Times, Newsweek, L’Ecpress, Paris-Match, Stern and Epoca.Along with photography, Aral has produced TV programs such as “32. Gün” (1986), “Haberci” and “Türkiye Renkleri” for ATV, NTV, Show TV and TRT. He is one of the founder of İZ TV.



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